Piccolo Me is an Australian owned and family operated business. Established in 2012, Piccolo Me has built a reputation for providing consistency in high quality coffee, superior creative menus and on-trend advertising and marketing that appeals to all ages. 

The culture of Piccolo Me is that we are trend-setters, market leaders and visionaries. Our teams are young, fun and take a fresh approach to life and business. We share the values of honesty, integrity, respect, courage, open-mindedness, diversity and balance. The Piccolo Me family culture seeks to develop long and prosperous partnerships with franchisees. 

We thrive to push for a fun, family vibe at Piccolo Me. We want you to feel supported at every step of the way in becoming a franchisee. You don’t need to come from a hospitality background or have franchisee experience to own a Piccolo Me store. Our franchisees are the representatives of our brand, and we personally select people from all walks of life. 

We simply look for individuals with the passion to work hard and love Piccolo Me as much as we do!


store formats

We have an in-house Design and Development team who continue to raise the bar with innovative designs and improvements in the systems of the new Piccolo Me outlets.

Whether it is a kiosk or cafe, we have the designs and infrastructure to create the perfect outlet.
Our vision is that Piccolo Me cafes are a benchmark for quality and experiences, both in Australia and around the world.



Step 1

Complete our online form to
register your interest

Step 2

We will contact the selected candidate

Step 3

Meet up at Piccolo Me HQ  or one of our cafes to get to know each other better

Step 4

Receive further info about
the site and financing (if required)

Step 5

Sign the Franchise Agreement

Step 6

Training and opening of your new store


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Having hospitality experience is not essential. Having a drive to work hard and to succeed is! We have developed a training system that will allow you to learn the basic and we then build your skills. We do not let you take over one of our stores until we feel you are capable of succeeding.

Piccolo Me has established relationships with key suppliers and vendors who will deliver to your store products that meet our strict standards. Using our supply chain means that you are taking advantage of pricing that has been negotiated as part of a group. Head office is open to discussions about other products, however they must meet our criteria to be used.

Yes, We have spent years developing and refining policies & procedures so that you can benefit from a simple and profitable system. We continually revise our systems to ensure maximum efficiency for your Piccolo Me stores.

Yes. We will assist and guide you through this process. We aim to have a smooth entry and exit from our system.

Yes. Before entering our system, we require that you seek advice from competent professionals, such as legal and accounting services. We also advise that you retain the service of an accountant. You need to be confident in the system and your financial situation before it is recommended that you proceed.

Piccolo Me will assist in preparing business plans and providing financial figures of operating stores, which should assist you in obtaining funds.

After choosing the site, signing the lease and taking possession of the place, it will take 2-3 months for the cafe to be fully equipped.

A typical start-up cost of a Piccolo me franchise is between $250,000 – $550,000. Costs will vary from kiosk concept to a model with a fully operating kitchen. Upon request a full breakdown can be provided.

It is the responsibility of the franchisee to cover the day to day running of the business. Including all store related expenses such as legal, council fees and account fees.

– Franchisee fee: 7% of gross sales

– Marketing fee: 2% of gross sales

– POS system support